Sep 30, 2020, 06:20:03

7 reasons why buttermilk is the best drink to quench thirst and lose weight this summer


Bad news first! You already know that the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a warmer pre-monsoon season in India -- basically just HOTTER SUMMER months. The average temperatures from March to May across half the country are likely to go above normal by more than 1 degree Celsius.

But the good news is that you have been warned in advance and can, therefore, prepare a counter-plan to beat the summer heat. Apart from being a warning to you to take the regular precautions to beat the heat wave, this is an alert for you to change your dietary content. Change to summer-friendly foods. Most of all, hydrate your physiological system by consuming cooling drinks like lemonade (nimbu shikanji) and raw mango squash (aam panna), and buttermilk etc. Yes! Buttermilk!

Ancient Indian wisdom has always regarded buttermilk as a thirst quencher. Affordable and easily available, this soothing drink is popular across different sections of the Indian society. Its digestive properties make it a health drink too. Let us look at 7 reasons why you should be tanking up on buttermilk this summer.

  1. It is nutritive: Hate milk? No problem, buttermilk is its yogurt form. The precise nutritive value of buttermilk will be determined by how much yogurt you use to make it. Buttermilk is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and B Vitamins. The more the yogurt, the higher is its nutrient content.
  2. It is hydrating: It beats colas, cold coffees, and iced teas when it comes to hydrating the body in a healthy way. It does not leach out the calcium from your bones, does not bleach your teeth and in fact, only adds water and nutrition to your thirsty body.
  3. It's digestive: Buttermilk contains gut-friendly bacteria. The yeast is actually just lactic acid bacillus that aids the breakdown of the food we eat. Summertime is a nightmare for the guts, but buttermilk can help the friendly flora in the guts flourish and promote quicker digestion.
  4. It enhances immunity: The lactic acid bacillus not only defends the body from the heat but also helps protect the body against many diseases and viruses. It is a natural probiotic.
  5. It aids weight loss: Buttermilk is low in fat. While several other drinks may be barred for the consumption of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, buttermilk scores over all these drinks. With minimal fat content and otherwise nutritionally rich, buttermilk is actually prescribed for many patients who are on a low-calorie diet.
  6. You can flavour it: You like the lassi sweet? Go ahead! No, no! Salty! Yes, that too. Or maybe sweet and salty, together? Yay! That too! In different parts of India, people traditionally use different flavouring ingredients such as asafoetida, cumin seeds, coriander leaves, ginger, black salt, chopped onions, curry leaves and sea salt (even turmeric) or saffron strands, rose petals, mint leaves and what have you to further enhance the digestive, antiflatulent and curative properties of the glassful of 'chaas'.
  7. It is handy: Carry it all day long in a bottle and you need not worry it will go 'bad' as milk can. It can get tangier due to further fermentation, but 'bad'? No. Apart from that, it is affordable, easily available and yummy!

I am sure all these reasons have made you already reach out for that super drink that is called buttermilk, chaas, mattha, taak, moru vellam or many other names across India. Cheers!

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